Diminished Value Demand Letter

diminished-value-demand-letter📑 Diminished Value Demand Letter (Word Doc)

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To:  (Insurance Company ie. State Farm)
Claim # (0123456789)
Date of Loss: (01/01/2016 date of accident)

Dear Mr. /Ms. (Insurance Adjuster’s Last Name),

With regards to the insurance claim referenced above, please accept this letter and the documentation attached as our diminished value payout request.

We hereby submit the enclosed auto appraisal report completed by (appraiser’s name) , an independent, top rated and professional appraiser. The report is self-explanatory as it indicates our vehicle’s pre-loss value and what this vehicle is worth now as well as the diminished valudiminished-value-demand-lettere amount of $(amount of DV).

We demand to be fully indemnified for this loss, and as such, please remit a payment of $(amount of DV) within 5 days of receipt of this notice.

Any funds previously disbursed to us will be considered as partial payment toward our demanded amount.

We look forward to your swift reply and immediate adjudication of this matter.


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